selfie wizard

Have you ever wanted to record your event in pictures? Well, now you can with our Selfie Wizard!

The amazing Selfie Wizard allows your guests to upload and display the pictures from a mobile phone or tablet on our large photo slideshow screen.

Not only will you be able to view the pictures but we will give you a USB stick with all the images to create a unique scrapbook of memories from your event.  Your guests can also add personalised messages to be displayed.

It is quick, simple and easy to use as there is no need to install any extra apps.


it's easy...

For the guest…
  • Works with any smartphone or tablet.
  • No apps or special software to download.
  • Quick, simple and super easy to use!
For the Event Host…
  • Added entertainment.
  • Digital copies of all images on a USB stick.

it's a

The selfie wizard was a surprise add-on for our guests.  It was so simple to use and we found all sorts of strange pictures on the USB stick after the event!  It’s a no brainer!

sandra & paul


better than a photo booth!

We saw this and had to have it!  It’s much better than a photo booth or those cheap disposable cameras you leave on tables.  Everyone has a smartphone and it was really simple to use!

jacquie & simon


LOL...OMG...the pictures! Haha!

This was a real highlight for us! Watching totally random pictures on the slideshow throughout the wedding was so much fun and was a great way of getting pictures off our guests’ phones!

michaela & hakim


want the selfie wizard at your event or party?